Wales Bonner x Adidas Samba "Fox Brown" has been announced !

Wales Bonner x Adidas Samba "Fox Brown" has been announced !
Adidas Samba is a model that has gone down as the most revolutionary and advisable Adidas model in the fashion world today. It's no wonder that world-class designers simply love it and Grace Waales Bonner is a perfect example of this. We have just learned that after the success of the previous Adidas Samba Wales Bonner Silver, a brand new Wales Bonner x Adidas Samba "Fox Brown" has been announced. !

To find out the most interesting details, premiere dates, and where you can buy them in a tie stay with us.

First of all, we would like to say that the photos were revealed by Bobby Hundreds.

The shoe is based on the well-known Adidas Samba silhouette, which has been completely cut out of the shoe, but with a hidden silhouette. This time the choice fell on chocolate brown trim, which gives the whole release a "classy" look, which is very similar to the shoe model itself. The upper is made of high-quality leather, which gives the whole release a tasteful touch. The design is complemented by buttery details in the form of Adidas branding and back panels.

Something that is a highlight of the whole release is certainly the heel lining, which has been toyed with a distinctive blue color that finishes the whole release.

When it comes to the premiere of the upcoming Wales Bonner x Adidas Samba "Fox Brown." ! so far not much is known when it comes to the release date. If it comes to where they will be available, it will probably be the official Adidas CONFIRMED app.

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