Yeezy slides - a must have this summer

Yeezy slides - a must have this summer

The Yeezy Slide is one of this summer's must-haves. Although competition in the form of Nike Comfy Slides is trying to climb their podium, their silhouette is unbeatable. It's been almost four years since their first release and they are still a total summer best-seller in the world of sneakers and fashion. In today's article on EKICKS magazine, we take a look at their great popularity and why they are every fashion lover's wet dream. 


An unusual approach to design 

Yeezy Slides have an unusually massive and futuristic body, which stands out strongly against the background of an ordinary slip-on. Combined with the many patterns and colorways from Adidas, this could not have produced a different result. Despite the unconventional silhouette, Yeezy Slides are easy to fit, and they'll find a great match with a casual look as well as casual home pajamas. 

Comfort - feel like you're on a soft cloud 

Thanks to their soft extruded EVA foam, the Yeezy Slides guarantee unrivaled comfort. In addition, their lightweight and incredibly breathable design provides comfort for everyday use. In them, you can feel like you're on a soft cloud. 

The Hype and Recognition 

Thanks to the factors above, Yeezy Slides quickly became popular and a huge hit with fashion influencers and celebrities. The mere fact that they are released by Yezy, a brand signed by Kanye West, has raised the prestige of the model itself. Today you can spot them on your feet strolling down a fashionable street in Milan, the promenade of your city, or at your favorite influencer. 


Yeezy Slides Buying Tip 

At the very beginning, you need to get acquainted with what size to choose:

Yeezy Slides have a Heavy undersize, we advise you to choose at least one size larger than your standard size.  


Best colorways 

Below we have posted a list of the best-selling colorways of Yeezy Slides available on EKICKS: 


Yeezy Slides Azure - shop now 


Yeezy Slides Onyx - shop now


Yeezy Slides Flax - shop now 

Discover all models here

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