Adidas Campus Bad Bunny Brown the new Adidas gem ?

Adidas Campus Bad Bunny Brown the new Adidas gem ?

Adidas in recent times can be described  one word - refreshment. This is the most accurate statement, given that the brand releases the most recent models and reissues cult releases in comparison with the competition. The brand wants Adidas Campus 00s, which have won the hearts of people throughout the sneaker and fashion world. 


Adidas Campus Bad Bunny Brown

However, an ideal example of Adidas' new approach is the latest Adidas X Bad Bunny collaboration on the Campus model in a completely new shape. In today's article we'll introduce to you the most new Adidas Campus Bad Bunny Brown which arouse incredible emotions !


A unique shape which will emphasize your styling.

The shoe is based on the legendary Campus silhouette from the 80s, which has been enriched with the Bad Bunny artwork. Their shape strongly distinguishes them from other Campus or other Adidas models. The midsole and heel counter have been thickened, which gives the release a unique vibe and brings it to another level. 

Combination of crimson shades and deep brown.

It's a great combination, which is still missing when it comes to a range of limited sneakers. The crimson shades add a subdued clean look, while the deep brown shade dampens the light shade, giving the whole shoe a kind of elegance. 

Comfort at the highest level and quality 

Now here's what Adidas is best known for - top-level comfort and quality. One goes hand in hand with the other, thanks to high quality materials and modern technologies the shoes will provide you with comfort on a new level in everyday use.


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