New Balance 530 "White/Pink" - ladies get ready!

Pink" - ladies get ready!
New balance is doing the best during the crossover in the limited shoe market. This is evident, among other new releases and collaborations. For the time being, the brand is not slacking off and is releasing the all-new New Balance 530 "White/Pink".

It will be based on the vintage of the New Balance 530 model, which has definitely made it to 2023 and still holds its level. The combination of white and pink is a definite nod to the sector of female sneakerheads.

The whole design is based on the combination of snow white and feminine pink shade, which creates a unique environment for the New Balance 530 "White/Pink" model. The whole effect is complemented by a distinguished black shade visible on the lower part of the sole.

These beauties came out today March 29, 2024, and will soon appear on the EKICKS marketplace!

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