2 Years of EKICKS

2 Years of EKICKS

Today we have the great pleasure of celebrating the 2nd anniversary of EKICKS. This is an extremely important and exclusive coin for us, which we would like to share with you. In this article, we will summarise the two years of our sneaker adventure and present you with a surprise that we have prepared for you. 

The 2 Years of EKICKS 

Thanks to you, during these two years we were able to provide you with safe and secure access to limited sneakers and to keep growing. During these two years over 1000 pairs of sneakers have passed through our hands and finally landed on our feet. We are most proud of the fact that during these two years, we have been able to fulfill our passion and mission to provide you with authentic and limited sneakers. 

Why was EKICKS created? 

EKICKS was born because of our unpleasant experience with buying limited sneakers. It was always a big problem to find a reliable source of limited authentic sneakers. It has always been a problem when it comes to any kind of fraud on the part of the seller, the impossibility of returning or exchanging for another size, or the quality of the service itself. Often you had to dig through a lot of false adverts, and sellers to finally catch your pair of limited sneakers. That's why we decided to change the standard of buying limited sneakers and give you fast and safe access  to limited releases. 

Passion and values

EKICKS was founded by us because of our shared passion for sharing and creating our sneaker-green community. The color green in a muted dark shade is meant to be our two values of safety and quality, which are reflected in its darker shade. For us, it has always been about creating a unique community and making you happy in the form of limited sneakers. 

Community and thanks 

It is thanks to you that we are now able to sell and operate throughout Europe and rapidly expand our platform. We would like to thank you for every entry, order, and trust in our shop. 

2 years EKICKS event 

To celebrate 2 years of the brand, we have prepared a special promotion for you: a discount on your sneakers for €15 with the code 2YEARSEVENT, which is automatically credited at the checkout.

We would like to once again thank our entire community, the people of our EKICKS team, and our future customers for their contribution to our sneaker revolution.


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