adidas YEEZY 500 Stone Taupe first impressions

adidas YEEZY 500 Stone Taupe first impressions

The collaboration between adidas and Kanye West is currently under a huge question mark. Despite the gigantic dispute between the giant and Kayne, we have a brand new Yeezy 500 colorway in front of you - adidas YEEZY 500 Stone Taupe!

The shoe is based on a completely revamped color scheme, which perfectly matches the silhouette of the 500 model. The entire upper has been flooded with crisp white shades, which emphasize the shoe's massive silhouette. The finishing touch is a beige shade decorating the shoe's sole.

As far as the quality of the material is concerned, you won't be disappointed with this model, as it's made of a mixture of leather, nubuck, and winding mesh. Such a combination ensures not only a holy look but also durability and comfort.

The adidas YEEZY 500 Stone Taupe is a release for fashion enthusiasts who value a minimalist style and like to catch the eye of the public.
Theyy had their premiere today and are already available with us! - shop adidas YEEZY 500 Stone Taupe.

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