Air Jordan 1 High Utility Stash Spider-Man - rarest Jordans 1 in recent times ?

 Air Jordan 1 Stash Utility Spider-Man

Already at the beginning of this month, we were able to enjoy in the cinema the newest movie Spider-Verse. In the film, many sneaker lovers spotted the not-so-slick-looking Jordans 1 High Utility Stash. The sneakers look like a future silhouette of the Jordan 1 High model taken from the 2300s. 


The Air Jordan 1 High Utility Stash Spider-Man 

 Air Jordan 1 Stash Utility Spider-Man

The whole design was based on a canvas construction and black and purple hues. But the main feature is to be located on the heel and side panel of the shoe pockets with a zippered express, which, in addition to the furious design, gives an equally unsurpassed functionality. The whole thing looks interesting and looks to be one of the most unique Jordans 1 of recent times.

Unfortunately, I don't have any good news.... they are to come out only in 100 shticks and never go on sale, which will probably translate into colossal demand and an even higher price on the secondary market.

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