Dive into the upcoming Fear of God x Adidas Rivalry Low "Black."

Dive into the upcoming Fear of God x Adidas Rivalry Low "Black."
Adidas is expected to similarly be the leader of 2023-2024 when it comes to the revue approach of new releases. So far there is no clear thesis, but one thing is certain, they are not slowing down.

Adidas brand has decided to naive a renewed collaboration with Jerry Lorenzo and create new sneakers Fear of God x Adidas Rivalry Low "Black." which we take a closer look at in today's article

The colorway will be based on one of the most legendary basketball shoe silhouettes from the three stripes and a premium approach that Jerry Lorenzo puts to the forefront. The upper is crafted from black melt-in-the-matte and sits atop an elevated cream sole that gives them an immensely futuristic look. The whole thing hits a heavily biased exclusive note, combined with a futuristic silhouette and the roots of the Adidas Rivalry Low model. As for the details, it's worth noting the rugged lower sole and subtleness of the Adidas branding on the midsole, and of course Fear of God on the back panel.

As for the release date of the Fear of God x Adidas Rivalry Low "Black." it is unfortunate that we still have to wait a little, it is rumored that they will appear at the end of 2023. Stay tuned to EKICKS magazine to find out about their release and in the meantime check this out -Adidas Stan Smith 'Homer Simpson' has finally landed on EKICKS.


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