Japan's outstanding athlete returns Nike Air Force 1 Low "Sashiko"

Japan's outstanding athlete returns Nike Air Force 1 Low "Sashiko"
In the 2020 year took place a unique premiere of Nike Air Force 1 Low "Sashiko" which gave part in honor of the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. As we know Nike loves to bring back the old releases, but probably no one expected that they would decide to restore the Japanese pride under the banner of Nike Air Force 1!

This edition pays tribute to the world event which is the Olympic Games, as well as the design of the Nike Air Force 1 Low "Sashiko" is full of Japanese artwork. The name "Sasjiko" is not a coincidence, as the whole main rhythm is Japanese art, which is certainly reflected in this edition.

The combination of woven patterns and textures enclosed in the shoe's upper gives the shoe uniqueness and adds an intimate look. Not to be missed is the splendid play of shades in the form of dark elegant teal, as well as lighter grays and whites scrolling across the platter and the shoe's various components. The finishing touch here is the Nike branding on the outer side of the tongue and insoles dyed red in honor of the country's flag shade.

If it's all about oriental flavors, you can see the Kanji characters on the back panels, which are also embossed on the front laces, but in the form of gold-plated nuggets.

So if you are a fan of special releases from Nike and appreciate the timeless style of the Air Force 1 model, then definitely the Nike Air Force 1 Low "Sashiko" is a release worth looking into. In the meantime, there is no specific release date, but rest assured EKICKS will let you know as soon as they appear on our sneakerhead radar.

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