Meet them - New Black Big Boot from MSCHF !

Meet them - New Black Big Boot from MSCHF !
MSCHF and the big boots model are among the biggest controversies of this year's order objects. Their lump-aspirated shoes with a cartoon for you Dora the Explorer aroused sensation and captured social media!

After the release of the MSCHF Big Red Boots and MSCHF Crocs Big Yellow Boots, the collective seems not to have stopped and here we have a preview of the zuipłeni new MSCHF's Big Black Boot!

As for the details of the boots themselves, literally nothing changes here except for the shade, we are still standing on the same unique silhouette of the Big Boot model. We must admit that the whole thing looks great on black shades. This will be a release for fans of the counter-intuitive silhouette, but looking for something more "formal", because let's not hide the fact that we've only had to deal with more eye-catching shades.

MSCHF's Big Black Boot are scheduled to appear as early as 26 October 0 14:00 on the MSCHF website. We must admit that they hit the mark with this black mood of Halloween. If you're already here, check it out - Discover the custom MSCHF Boots release from Bape!


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