New Balance WRPD Runner "Licorice"- a little craziness never hurts

New Balance WRPD Runner "Licorice"- a little craziness never hurts
New Balance decided to refresh the unique rigor of the WRPD Runner model with a brand new colorway and here they are - New Balance WRPD Runner "Licorice"

The shoe is painted in slightly more eye-catching purple and cream shades, which perfectly emphasizes the lines of the shoe itself. Purple is the most penetrating shade here, and it stretches across the entire fabric's upper and midsole. A delicate iridescent hue has been deposited on the shaggy shamrock overlays, completing the entire design.

When it comes to quality, New Balance doesn't disappoint either, we'll find here a premium and woven mesh, as well as a suede upper. Such a mix gives not only a unique look but also durability and comfort.

Dodaktoow NEw balance has integrated the New Balance WRPD Runner "Licorice" with the latest FuelCell technology. This will provide your feet with protection and amortization during everyday use or more intensive workouts.

For those who missed this release, we have good news because the New Balance WRPD Runner "Licorice" will be available in 2024! Poi co nie ma konktrenj date premiurm wie więc stay with EKICKS and bąrdź na bieżaco.

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