Nike Air Footscape Woven "NAI-KE". - unconventionality in a clean edition

Nike Air Footscape Woven "NAI-KE"
Pack "NAI-KE" is one of the most interesting premoers and packs for 2024. Nike is trying harder and harder to expand this collection with more and more new announcements. And as you can see, it is not slowing down, because it announces the Nike Air Footscape Woven "NAI-KE".

The whole release, like its predecessors, will be quite unpredictable, even very!

The whole release will be based on the lesser-known but great silhouette of the Nike Air Footscape Woven model, which adds to the uniqueness of this release.

The design will again be based on subdued shades as well as unconventional phrases, which is the main mark of the "NAI-KE" pack. The upper is crafted from high-quality leather with purple stitching, which gives the release a unique character. It promises to be the most original sneaker release and a special pack from Nike for 2024.

Nike Air Footscape Woven "NAI-KE". The Nike Air Footscape Woven is scheduled for release in spring 2024, and in the meantime, here's another release that's equally intriguing from the whole "NAI-KE" pack - the Nike Cortez "NAI-KE". - closer look


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