The Air Jordan 3 "Brown Cement" is on its way

The Air Jordan 3 "Brown Cement" is on its way
The year 2024 has just begun and already there are many indications that the Air Jordan 3 model will be heavily favored by Nike when it comes to interesting launches. And the best proof is that there are rumors of a brand new elegant silhouette - Air Jordan 3 "Brown Cement".

At the outset it is worth noting that we are basing here only on unofficial photos (mock-up), and so the final version may vary slightly.

The main stiffness of the Air Jordan 3 "Brown Cement" is a baroque shade of brown, which is in line with the iconic 1988 cement print aesthetic. The role of complementing the entire design will be played here by a cream shade spreading across the midsole. Additional elegance is given here by the black shade seen on the back panels and upper midsole.

The Air Jordan 3 "Brown Cement" is scheduled to arrive during Christmas 2024, when we'll let you know about it.

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