Adidas Campus 00s - a phenomenon

Adidas Campus 00s - a phenomenon

Adidas Campus 00s is a model that has recently gained immense popularity and recognition among sneakers and fashion lovers. Today on EKICKS magazine let's take a look at exactly what is behind such a huge jump in popularity and beating such a hit as the Adidas Samba



The futuristic and old-school approach of the Adidas brand 

The silhouette of the Adidas Campus 00s is nothing more than a hybrid of the legendary Campus 80s model and an updated and enlarged body of the shoe. This is especially evident in the raised soles, bold tongue, and thick laces. The whole thing maintains the classic and minimalist lump of the Campus model, and the shoe's heavily featured body stands out from other sneakers. 

With many colors - everyone will find something for themselves.

Adidas is releasing more and more different colorways of the Adidas Campus 00s model, so there's something for everyone. If you appreciate simplicity and minimalism then the White Dark Green colorway should suit you, if you're looking for something a little more frenetic then the energetic red of the Scarlet Gum colorway should do the trick. 

Bored with over-hyped models from Adidas 

The Campus 00s model is a sort of breath of fresh air in the Adidas brand's range. Many people were looking for alternatives to already popular models such as the Adidas Samba and Adidas Gazelle. The Adidas Campus 00s are not only something different from other popular Adidas models but also have the brand's beloved classic.  


Adidas Campus 00s is a model that has captured the hearts of many fashion lovers and sneakerheads with its simplicity and uniqueness. This model is definitely one of the best choices when it comes to Adidas' huge portfolio of shoes.


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