Discover the custom MSCHF Boots release from Bape !

MSCHF Big Red Boots Custom by Bape

MSCHF in recent times can be considered a kind of revolutionary in the world of fashion as well as the sneaker game. After the release of such things as Big Boots and the world's biggest bag, the brand has stirred up a lot of interest in itself and its products. So much so that even such giants of streetwear as Bape began to make their custom on their shoes! 

MSCHF Big Red Boots Custom by Bape 

MSCHF Big Red Boots Custom by Bape

Bape for its Spring/Summer 2024 show at Fashion Week in Tokyo Japan decided to enter with a very unusual initiative. They decided to buy several pairs of MSCHF Big Red Boots and remake them into their Big Boots with the legendary camo pint ABC Bape decided to release "Big Boots by Bape" in three colorways, classic green, blue, and pink. It should be noted that the whole thing looks amazing and if they came out officially it would be a great deal for many collectors and enthusiasts of the Bape brand.

MSCHF itself has confirmed that Bape has purchased a batch of Big Red Boots from them, which are designed specifically for this catwalk show, and they have no plans to release an official MSCHF x Bape collaboration. 

MSCHF Bape Big Boots on the catwalk

MSCHF Big Red Boots Custom by Bape

You have to admit that the whole look is simply insane on the models and thanks to this print they stand out from other colors or releases of Big Boots from MSCHF.

In my opinion, the color combination of Bape and MSCHF would do the job, just look at them and they stick together.

In the meantime, we can only wait for more information on a potential collaboration between Bape and MSCHF. In the meantime, check out the MSCHF And Crocs Release Collaborative Big Boots


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