EKICKS valentines selection - for the people important for you

EKICKS valentines selection - for the people important for you

Valentine's Day is a short and incredibly special time. Most often on this day, we want to bestow something special on an important person in our lives. If you are looking for something unusual, limited-edition sneakers are a great gift idea.

And of course, such a unique gift can be a great initiative to establish a relationship with the person in question and bring them closer together. Because, after all, nothing attracts more than a shared activity with sneakers.

on this occasion, we have prepared for you a special valentine's collection selected by our team

Air Jordan 1 Mid Coral Chalk

A combination of incredibly feminine shades. The legendary shape of the Jordan 1 will accentuate any look, and thanks to the beautiful pink shades no one will pass by them with indifference.

Air Jordan 4 Military Black

They are one of the most coveted Jordans 4 at the moment. But no wonder, the combination of an iconic model and pure shades could not give a different effect. They are available at EKICKS in both smaller and larger sizes, so this is an ideal gift for both men and women.

Dunk Low Whisper Rose

The combination of a beautiful purdah pink shade and classic color blocking you can't help but love. Here the main role is shade and simplicity. It is thanks to them that the sneakers will find a place in any outfit 

Air Jordan 4 Seafoam

This is a great departure from the popular Jordan 4 Military Black. The patio shade leading to the details will refresh any styling. And most importantly, the minimalist color play highlights.

Dunk Low Valentine's Day

And of course, we couldn't miss here one of the special releases for Valentine's Day from Nike. These Dunks are distinguished by a beautiful pink shade and frills visible on the Nike "Swoosh" logo. This is one of the unique releases of the Low Dunk.

And that's our entire compilation, of course you can see our entire selection here

Thank you for reading the whole article and let's wish you a warm Valentine's Day



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