Nike Air Max 95 X CORTEIZ

Nike Air Max 95 X CORTEIZ


The long-awaited CORTEIZ X Nike Air Max 95 has appeared on the horizon and we know the exact release date! 

From time immemorial the London brand has ensured crowds of people wanting their products. And it's no different in this case either, this is one of the most anticipated launches from Nike in recent times. 

This time they decided to orchestrate a special event in Paris. Last time the London-based label caused a riot on its way back to the capital by handing out free T-shirts. Since the exclusive event in New York, Clint419 has been releasing more and more clothing and collaborations. Now, we have a special event in Paris, which will be highlighted by the CORTEIZ collaboration with Nike. It is during this event that the Nike Air Max 95 will be launched in collaboration with the brand.



The Air Max 95 X CORTEIZ will be available at 38 Cours de Vincennes, 75012, Paris. At 13:50 it will be possible to buy one pair per person for 190EUR.

It is also worth mentioning the interesting advertising campaign of the whole collaboration. It was very reminiscent of classic Nike soccer ads.

The third release will be based on the classic black shade and dark blue CORTEIZ branding and details.

In our opinion, the release is more reflective of the pink details, but the dark blue also gives a fresh effect


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