New Balance 993 MiUSA "Interstellar" reviving a classic silhouette in style

New Balance 993 MiUSA "Interstellar" reviving a classic silhouette in style
New Balance is set to relaunch its line this spring, bringing back the iconic New Balance 993 MiUSA. The Bosotn-based shoe giant is set to revive the 993 model in a completely new and refreshing tone, while maintaining the vintage charm of the entire release. Here's the greatest - the New Balance 993 MiUSA "Interstellar".

The New Balance design team are now going for an energetic shade of purple, which takes over the entire upper of the shoe and gives them an old-school clash. All of the purple madness is complemented by white details, along with a bright yellow shade coursing through the shoe's midsole. It is worth noting that the whole design looks interesting and will catch the eye of many a visitor when you are wearing them.

It is worth paying tribute to Teddy Santis, New Balance's creative director, who relaunched the iconic New Balance 993 model and brought it to life with this beautiful design.

The New Balance 993 MiUSA 'Interstellar' release is set for 25 April 2024 ork on the New Balance official website. In the meantime, check out what's on show in the sneaker world in another news story - New Balance 650 'Black/Green' classy & more classy

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