Nike changes its course

Nike changes its course

Nike is starting to fall from its throne? unfortunately, it seems so. The brand in recent times is slowly beginning to fall from its leading position and all this is due to the lack of a breath of fresh air. The brand has recently been relying heavily on reissues of well-known models, which is starting to bring losses to the brand. Stock market analysts predict that Nike is losing its strong position. The reason is supposed to be unsold products, lack of innovation, and, above all, basing only on old models. 


Nike's problem

Recently we have seen that Nike is not trying to create new models, but rather build on classic silhouettes and new colorways. This means that the brand has not released any fresh models to its portfolio. Competitors such as New Balance or even lesser-known brands use and implement innovations. Also, the consumers themselves are bored with the same pattern over and over again. Our shoe giant Nike floods us with new colorways and collaborations, and yet this is not exactly what people expect. 


Innovation is Nike's new approach

The brand has revealed that it will be making changes, especially in the top management and Jordan Brand and Converse. These changes are also being introduced by the brand due to the problem of sales of models such as Air Max and Air Jordan 5, which are lying on store shelves. It is also worth mentioning that many experts have observed the actions of the brand and predicted the current situation of Nike. 



Nike is preparing a lot of changes in the structure of the brand, as well as in its designs and approach to new releases. We can expect significant changes and, above all, new innovative models. This does not mean, of course, that they will go full reverse, but mainly Nike will focus on completely new models. This is good news because the brand has been shining with monotony.

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