The Best Jordans releases on EKICKS

The Best Jordans releases on EKICKS

Jordan Brand is one of the most important product lines for the Nike itself. After all, she is the one who saved the brand from big losses during the Bushes. Since forever, every Jordan model from Jordan 1 to Jordan 34 has had an air of uniqueness about it. It can be said that everything started with Jordan 1. While Micheal Jordan played in the iconic Jordan 1 Banned he stood out strongly from other players. The NBA at the time had a regressive approach to the players' outfits, with only white or black shoes available. Michael Jordan at the time dawned black and black Jordan 1 on the court, which made him stand out on the court while providing Nike with a holy marketing campaign.

It is safe to say that the uniqueness of this model remains to this day. After all, it's not without reason that they are the most coveted shoes in the world. Especially in recent times, we could reach a huge leap in recognition of Jordan Brand. And all this with the help of sneaker lovers, artists, fashion bloggers, or influencers proudly wearing Jordans.

On this occasion, we wanted to bring you The Best Jordans releases on EKICKS:



This is by far one of the best-selling Jordan 4 releases on EKICKS. But no wonder in the end you can't help but love the combination of the iconic solid with muted shades. It is also one of the most versatile and classy releases from our entire portfolio. 


Air Jordan 1 High Lost And Found is a special edition from Nike, referring to the original 1985 colorway. The release comes with all the unique aging details such as worn-out soles and worn collars.



Jordan 3 Retro White Cement Reimagined 

Nike released the Jordan 3 on the occasion of its 35th anniversary. The shoe comes in a subdued and classic "white cement" colorway. The whole was complemented with cream vintage elements.


Jordan 1 Mid SE Homage 

This is a combination of classics in white and black with a split motif from Nike. The arrangement of white and black differs between the right and left panels. This is what gives the whole release its uniqueness.


Air Jordan 4 Seafoam 

Air Jordan 4 Seafoam - is a very fresh release of the Jordan 4 from Nike. The combination of muted classic shades with a refreshing green hue gives a beautiful effect. In a very short time, they gained popularity and became one of our bestsellers.


Air Jordan 5 UNC 

Increasingly appreciated in recent times Jordans 5 is one of the most loved by you "UNC" shades. The whole look is complemented by silver and black details. This is one of those shoes in which you won't get lost in the store.


Jordan 11 Retro Cherry (2022) 

Jordan 11 Retro Cherry - is a re-release of the iconic Jordan 11 colorway from 2016. They were very warmly received at our place against the Jordan 11 Cool Grey. The whole is accompanied by a classic semi-transparent blue sole which contrasts amazingly with the cherry red.


Air Jordan 4 SE Black Canvas 

Another Jordans 4, but this is the model of the year 2022/2023. Jordans 4 Black Canvas here the main role is played by black combined with gray details. It's worth mentioning that they are very similar to the Jordans 4 with Eminem which is one of the most expensive Jordans 4 in the world and their prices reach nearly $50000. So if you don't want to spend those thousands of dollars today this is a great option.


There is a proposal aimed mainly at women. Here the main role is played by a gorgeous blue shade combined with white and black shades. It's a great option to bolster your outfits

 And that's it, of course, we recommend you to check out all the Jordan releases on EKICKS, because each one is unique.


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