Adidas Gazelle "Manchester United" and "Real Madrid".

Adidas Gazelle "Manchester United" and "Real Madrid".

Adidas and sports are two things that are not disconnected from each other why? well because Adidas is one of the biggest sponsors of all sports events and clubs.

It's no wonder then that there are often collaborations with buckets and quiet or sneakers of the brand.

After a rather famous collabo, Nike Air Max Plus Patta FC Barcelona Adidas comes with more than one, but two clubs - Adidas Gazelle "Manchester United" and "Real Madrid".

The object of the collab is to be iconic and well-known to every fashion lover Adidas Gazelle. The model will be adorned with two clubs "Manchester United" and "Real Madrid". The design is based on a stylish suede upper and a classic rather subdued style of both sneakers. "Real Madrid" is in garnet/white colors while "Manchester United" is in red/black core shades. Both pairs feature subtle branding of both clubs on the tongue, which puts the whole pack in an amazing mood.

I must admit that the combination of a rather elegant Adidas Gazelle model with sports shoes is quite interesting and will surely find its place on the feet of fans of both clubs.

Adidas Gazelle  "Real Madrid"

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