Adidas Samba & Wales Bonner - Just Dropped

Adidas Samba & Wales Bonner - Just Dropped

Silver Adidas with Wales Bonner is finally out. After the recent incredible surge in popularity of this mod, Adidas is increasingly setting this model apart with various collaborations. It is this silhouette that will accompany the latest collaboration between Adidas and exclusive fashion brand Wales Bonner. 


Adidas Samba & Wales Bonner 

The whole project is based on a silver shiny upper (resembling aluminum). The whole design is complemented by hand-sewn details and a curved tongue, which is the essence of the collaboration.

The whole concept is based on the past style and aspirations of the Adidas brand. Quality is the guiding principle in this release, with all details as well as the entire silhouette being hand sewn. Wales Bonner approached this release by honoring the roots of the Adidas Samba model and the art of design itself.Quality also goes a price because their retail price is 220USD, but in the end it's a truly unspectacular release.

Adidas x Wales Bonner campaign on instagram: 


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