Adidas Samba - why they are so popular

Adidas Samba - why they are so popular

Adidas Samba  has recently taken a huge leap in popularity. They are everywhere you can spot them on the feet of your favorite celebrity or influencer or while strolling through an elegant park. Today, EKICKS magazine looks at exactly what's behind such an overwhelming desire for this model. 


The shape 

The Samba Adidas was created in 1949 and was initially famous as footwear to protect the feet of soccer players from the cold. Today, the shape of this shoe has become an icon of modern fashion. The old-school shape makes the Adidas Samba unique and stands out strongly among competing Adidas  models.  


The universality 

Thanks to its unique but subdued shape, the Adidas Samba will work well as an everyday shoe. We can match them with both the more casual styles and the more formal ones. And, of course, we can not forget about comfort, which is the foundation of this model. And it is provided by the lightweight construction of the entire model


The Hype 

It is safe to say that this is the most popular model of the entire Adidas range. It quickly became a golden object for fashion influencers, which greatly built the reputation of the Samba model. Adidas itself is also giving us a big boost with newer and more interesting models. Although mainly the most classic Samba Black White Gum and Black Core reign supreme. We can not forget about the iconic collabo of Sporty Rich brand on white-green sambas. 



Adidas samba sneakers owe their popularity to their unusual design. Of course, the fashion-loving community itself has contributed heavily to the promotion of this iconic silhouette. A perfect example of the immortality of this unique model, it has persisted for more than 70 years

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