Air Jordan 1 - history of the model

Air Jordan 1 - history of the model

The Air Jordan 1 - beginnings 

The model first saw the light of day in 1985 and was the first shoe in history signed with the name of Michael Jordan. Peter Moore was responsible for the design of the Jordan 1 High model.  

The first colorway was black-red, or called "Banned" by some. The entire upper of the shoe was made of leather in black and red shades. The whole design was complemented by a white midsole. It is also worth mentioning that they cost 65 USD at the time, which is almost unthinkable in today's reality. 

Brilliant marketing campaign 

Sneakers caused a lot of buzz at the very beginning of their existence. This was all thanks to a clever marketing campaign from Nike.

At the time, the NBA league had very rigorous rules about players' clothing. Each player could only play in white or black sneakers. At the time, Michael Jordan playing in eye-popping black and red Jordans 1 High caused quite a sensation. Of course, the NBA didn't like it and imposed a 5000 USD fine for each game played in these shoes. Each of the fines with a smile on their faces was paid by Nike enjoying the model's idle "advertising campaign". It was the herds that gave rise to the name "Banned" on the first Jordans 1

The most coveted basketball shoe 

It didn't take long for the Jordans 1 to become a total hit and an object of desire for every basketball player. The shoe was based on a solitary construction, which was designed to support athletes' feet during the game. Unfortunately, the current price of 65 USD made the Jordans 1 one of the most expensive basketball shoes, so only a few could afford them. 

Jordans 1 currently 

Today Jordans 1 have expanded to the point that we have 3 variants High, Mid, and Low. Which are enclosed with thousands of beautiful and unique releases.
This is undoubtedly the most desirable Jordan brand model in current times. And it is worth noting that as many as 34 came out, so they are truly unique. Even among the more and more popular Jordans 4 and Jordans 3, the ones are still in first place. Surely it is influenced by the fact that it has many three variants of the model and yet it is the most desired Jordan brand model, it is kind of an icon. We also can't forget that these are by far the most favorite Jordans of celebrities, sneakerheads, and fashion influencers.

Jordan 1 - collaborations 

By far the most popular and iconic collaboration is the one with Off-White and fashion house Dior. It is a kind of combination of high-fashion and street fashion threads

Jordans 1 has also entered into collaborations with well-known artists such as Travis Scott and J Balvin.

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