Air Jordan 4 "Red Cement" - are finally here

Air Jordan 4 "Red Cement" - are finally here

As early as 2023, we knew that this year would belong to the Jordan 4 and the Jordan 3 coins. We've already received such strong releases as the heart-conquering Air Jordan 4 WMNS "Frozen Moments" and the Nike SB x Air Jordan 4 Pine Green. But it doesn't end there, and after many previews, we've finally got the Air Jordan 4 "Red Cement", which has already arrived at EKICKS with a full house.

Air Jordan 4 "Red Cement" 

The shoe has been encased in a classic Air Jordan 4 model and in equally classic Jordan Brand colors. The design will be based on the "White Cement" colorway, which is the basis of the Air Jordan 4 model's origins. The white leather upper combines with the titular red elements and complemented by black dots, which also hark back to the model's roots. The design is complemented by black details and classic Jordan Brand branding in the form of "Jumpan" leading on the tongue and back panels of the shoe. 

Air Jordan 4 "Red Cement" will complement your outfits 

Thanks to its classic shape and subdued tones the shoe will surely find a place in all your outfits. Red details will give them aggressiveness and make them very eye-catching, which is also guaranteed by the Aj 4 design itself.

They will go best with plain black/beige material pants (preferably with a wider cut) and a hooded sweatshirt or varsity jacket, plus some accessories such as a bag, hat or jewelry, and you can go out on the town. 


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