Air Jordan 4 WMNS "Frozen Moments" have flown into EKICKS and are they worth buying now ?

 Air Jordan 4 WMNS "Frozen Moments"

Nike and the Jordan Brand team do not slacken the pace and rally us with more and better releases of already legendary models such as Air Jordan 4 or Air Jordan 1. In today's article, we will introduce you to the latest and highly anticipated by the EKICKS community Air Jordan 4 WMNS "Frozen Moments" and whether it is worth buying them now. 

The Air Jordan 4 WMNS "Frozen Moments" 

Air Jordan 4 WMNS “Frozen Moments”

Well, and the choice of placing the cleanest colorway of the year on a legend in the form of the Air Jordan 4 has been with us since 1989. The design is supposed to be based on the combination of subdued gray shades with metallic flashy details, you have to admit that they have their own London style. The classic "Jumpana" logo is on the back panels and the "Jumpan" logo with the iconic "Flight" lettering on the outer and "AIR JORDAN" lettering on the inner. It is worth mentioning that the central theme of the Air Jordan 4 WMNS "Frozen Moments" was all the most critical moments in Michael Jordan's history. 

Simple unique design in a simple form in your styling. 

The whole is based on a very simple combination of delicate azure shades, which on the one hand will complement any of your outfits, and on the other, their incredibly modernistic look will make you stand out from the crowd. We can't forget about metallic metallics which complement the whole color scheme. 

The old-school look of the Air Jordan model 

The Air Jordan 4 model will go down in the history of the Jordan brand as the most revolutionary one. It's what makes you stand out from other models like the Air Jordan 1 or Air Jordan 3. And the Air Jordan 4 WMNS "Frozen Moments" always guarantees a clean and catchy look. 

Convenience and joy of everyday use 

The Air Jordan 4 WMNS "Frozen Moments" will keep your feet comfortable every day thanks to the Air placement system in the sole. Their high upper will not let you down in any situation or season, they will always deliver. 

Summary and is it worth to buy them now? 

Air Jordan 4 WMNS "Frozen Moments" is something we needed, and Jordan Brand and Nike listened to us very well. We have here subdued shades and a delicate claw and of course, it's all enclosed in the Air Jordan 4 model.

If it's worth buying them now, the answer is definitely yes! Due to their huge popularity, which is growing and not weakening, the prices may jump very soon. So if you are thinking about buying them you better hurry up.

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