Another edition of the Yeezy 2023 sale ahead ?

Another edition of the Yeezy 2023 sale ahead ?
At the beginning of June, we witnessed one of the loudest sales of Yeezy models from Adidas and Kanye West. The latest action in the form of an "inventory sale" resulted in enormous profits for Adidas and Kanye West himself. It seems that this is just the beginning of the whole campaign...

Recently, it has been getting louder and louder about the next Yeezy drop. It's no secret that Adidas has finally confirmed that it will implement the sale of leftovers from the warehouse. The brand has not revealed any plans beyond the last drop, which took place on June 1.



Adidas didn't give specific dates for the next drop, but sneakerheads are an impatient community, always wanting to know every detail. Many people have started to analyze unreleased pairs of Yeezy and perhaps even get information directly from Adidas employees.

Looking at the fact that recent leaks turned out to be consistent, the mock-ups posted on social media profiles seem convincing. Besides, photos of unreleased Yeezy Slides or Foam Runner models have been circulating online for a long time.

On the "leaks," we can see, among others, unreleased Yeezy Slides MX Moon or loved by sneakerheads Yeezy 350 V2 Zebra. It's very cool that we're getting newer and newer unreleased colorways, where a lot of noise was made on the last drop by Yeezy 350V2 Carbon Beluga.

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