Boston's shoe king rides in with new - New Balance 9060 "Olivine"

Boston's shoe king rides in with new - New Balance 9060 "Olivine"

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am very pleased to announce that New Balance is not slowing down and will be announcing another New Balance 9060, this time in greenish notes - "Olivine".

This time the Boston-based giant is betting on a delicate yet catchy palette of olive greens. This combines perfectly with the overall design of the New Balance 9060 model and makes for a truly exquisite release.

In the case of the New Balance 9060 "Olivine", it's dominated by a bright green shade splashed all over the upper made from a mix of mesh and leather. In the background there is a darker shade of green, which completes the overall design and gives them a slight spice. You can't forget about the creamy-brown tones that dominate the mid and lower part of the sole.

Definitely one of the better versions of the 9060 and in addition, they are already available in some European outlets, but the official premiere on the New Balance website will have to wait.

In the meantime, check out this article with another frozen edition of New Balance brand - New Balance 1906R “Green/Astral Purple” New perception

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