Crocs x McDonalds Grimace Closer Look

Crocs x McDonald Grimace
Crocs has been on a roll lately, be it the recent collaboration with Shrek or the "Mater" car movie. And now we have something stronger, we will see a Crocs x McDonald's collaboration!

The brands will create clogs and sandals inspired by the most famous McDonald's characters, such as Birdie, Hamburgular, and Grimace.

The most interesting is the much-loved big shaggy purple Grimace incarnated in Crocs Sandals. He is by far one of the company's most beloved characters. He was given his special drink or his own Camry car during the Homestead-Miami races, driven by Bubba Wallace. So now it's time for the coveted sandals from Crocs!

The whole design will be based on a combination of Crocs Sandlas and the Grimace hotline ki; lat. We can see here the prevailing purple fur and leather panels. Crocs adds its own Jibbitz character hang tags along with McDonald's branding.

We have to admit that the whole look is incredible and it is certainly a must-have for fans of distinctive footwear.

The entire Crocs x McDonalds Grimace collection is scheduled for release on November 2 on Sneakernstuff. But don't worry if you can't get them out, there's always EKICKS who has your pair!

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