Dunk High Sb Sweet Tooth - Closer Look

Dunk High Sb Sweet Tooth - Closer Look

Nike is preparing for us a brand-new release of the High Halloween Dunk in a totally offbeat style. Nike, as every year, bestows on us unique Hallowen-related releases, and this year is no exception. 

The Dunk High Sb Sweet Tooth 

The shoe is based on the combination of the classic silhouette of the Dunk High with an unusual print. The print will refer to candy canes, which are an indispensable part of the Hallowen holiday. The design will be complemented by a white midsole (which matches the toebox) and red stitching, also located on the midsole. We can't forget about the key detail, which is embroidered on the inside of the tongue. On the front side of the tongue there is a classic Nike logo with a candy-inspired smiley face.

The release date of the Nike SB Dunk High Sweet Tooth is unknown, but they should appear around Halloween, on October 31.

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