Dunk Low "Sanddrift/Light Armory Blue" - First meet

Light Armory Blue"
The Nike Dunk is still not sipping from the top of the populace and Nike has already plinned this well and is gifting us with more and more new releases of this model.

This time we have announced a brand new and different from the other edition of the Dunk Low "Sanddrift/Light Armory Blue"!

This release is supposed to be very different in its design from other Dunk Low models, thanks to the unique play of shades. The entire upper has been dipped in delicate shades of coconut milk and Sanddrift. The design is complemented by a blue Nike Swoosh logo and a cream midsole, which gives a great contrast.

When it comes to materials and workmanship, this one will not disappoint either. The whole shoe is based on a combination of suede with textile elements on the tongue and rear heel.

Dunk Low "Sanddrift/Light Armory Blue"! is scheduled for release in early 2024, so really soon!

In the meantime, pair this edition of the Dunk Low - Nike WMNS Dunk Low "Dia De Los Muertos" Special Dunks Edition

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