Jordan 4 X Nike Sb - confirmed

Jordan 4 X Nike Sb - confirmed

Nike does not cease to surprise us in the year promises to be more and more interesting. In recent days we could hear about the merger of the Nike Sb line and the Jordan 4 model


A classic combination of white leather with gray, emerald and brown details was chosen. Another distinguishing feature of this particular release from the other 4 is the Nike Sb branding on the shoe's detailing, which is noted on the rear panels and insoles.


Below we share with you a photo of a well-known insider iamricosuav who got them before the release, which is scheduled for March 17


In our opinion it is a strong candidate for the shoe of 2023. Although the competition is already quite strong, for example Jordans 4 Seafoam, which gained a lot of popularity and Jordans 4 Craft 


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