MSCHF Big Red boots restock

MSCHF Big Red boots restock
The MSCHF Big Red boots are back, with the reissue of the unique MSCHF project taking place today at 8pm.

After the last big succes, the collective decided to surprise us and release for sale for the next time huge red Boots. Before the first première, we could see a huge hype for the shoes themselves. We could see them among celebrities, fashion influencers and sneakerheads. We can safely say after the first release that it was the most controversial launch.

The whole event aroused a lot of controversy and smiles among the fashion community. It was the definitive release of the year for the entire collective, beating the iconic release from MSCHF based on the Air Max 97 and the Jordan River Water Air cushion.

Today i.e. 13.06.2023 at 20:00 they premiered again on the official website of MSCHF with a retail of 330USD. Demand gently subsided lexz and so most of the sizes sold out on the official site within hours.

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