MSCHF's Big Boots closer look

MSCHF's Big Boots closer look

MSCHF - is a collector that derives its name from its unusual and even unconventional approach to design. The XXL shoe model was heavily publicized under the Kering jewel cruise. Then Kanye West was spotted wearing these shoes. Social media have also been buzzing about shoes in recent times. Many celebrities such as Lil Wayne have started wearing this giant footwear. 



The whole design references the iconic superhero Astroboy and the cartoon monkey DORA learns about the world. Interestingly, the entire upper was made from TPU. The outsole has been enriched with EVA foam. You could get the shoes today on MSCHF's official website for $350. But due to the huge demand, it will be tough to get your hands on a pair. Remember that there is always EKICKS, where you can get your dream pair safely and easily. 


The MSCHF brand itself shined in 2019 when it released the custom Air Max 97 "Jesus". Interestingly, the shoes had 60 milliliters of water from the Jordan River in the AIR system. So you could walk on water in these shoes

Credit - MSCHF



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