New Air Force 1 in collaboration with Sacai

New Air Force 1 in collaboration with Sacai

Nike has been spoiling us big time since the very beginning of 2023. Just after the release of the legendary Nike X Tiffany & Co. collaboration, they are gearing up for another collaboration with Sacai

Once again, the choice is the classic Air Force 1 model, which is a kind of symbol of the Nike brand. As is the case with every Nike and Sacai collaboration, they reached for the most unusual solutions.

This time the choice was a strong base of white Air Force 1. What immediately strikes the eye is the system of laces with open zippers. This motif is already known to us from collaboration with Travis Scott on the same model. 



An interesting detail is also the Nike Swoosh logo, which has been endowed with a woven subtle texture that complements the whole design. 

The entire collection will be available on April 7 exclusively in Tokyo at the official Hello Sacai store. So if you are not currently in Japan, or you don't plan to go there soon, we suggest you keep an eye on our profile on Instagram or our newsletter to find out when they will be available at our store.

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