Nike Air Jordan 4 "Dress Code" PE dive into uniqueness

Nike Air Jordan 4 "Dress Code" PE dive into uniqueness
The Air Jordan 4 is a model that definitely deserves to be honored in the form of a luscious Nike Air Jordan 4 "Dress Code" PE release!

First of all, it must be stressed that the mentioned edition is limited to 29 pairs, and what's more, each box will be personalized with the names of Jordan Brand family members, because they were created for them.

The whole is based on an innovative mix of grained, pebbled and varnished leathers. This mix is deposited on a gray-gray upper, which gives the shoe an understated elegance. The amber accents add a delicate spice and emphasize the bold "dresscode" details.

The cherry on the cake of the Nike Air Jordan 4 "Dress Code" PE! is to be the orange embroidered "family" lettering, emphasizing the exclusivity and uniqueness of the release.

The whole release makes me want to be a member of the Jordan Brand family and enjoy this unique piece of art on my feet....

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