Nike Dunk Low "NBA Paris" - will they see the light of day ?

Nike Dunk Low "NBA Paris" - will they see the light of day ?
We recently learned that NBA basketball is returning to Paris next year and we will soon be able to watch the Brooklyn Nets vs. Cleveland Cavaliers game at the Accor Arena. Anyway, Nike is planning to celebrate the event and release a special Nike Dunk Low "NBA Paris".

In today's EKICKS magazine article let's take a closer look at them, and it's all thanks to the courtesy of sneaker insider Masterchefian we can take a closer look at them!

The shoe will be based on a well-known Nike model - Dunk Low and very subdued shades. The upper will combine an olive/grey shade with snow-white panels, all wrapped in high-quality leather. A black Nike Swoosh logo completes the look.

However, what caught my eye the most were the NBA emblems on the side panel in a special "pixelated" font, giving them a vintage vibe and a unique look. The whole thing is really in very subdued trends, and this is definitely one of the cleanest releases of Low Dunk collaborations.

At the moment Nike is only working on the Nike Dunk Low "NBA Paris". and we don't know much about their team but in the meantime, you can check this -Supreme and Nike's Rammellzee Dunks are coming in earnest

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