Nike Dunk - why is there such hype for them?

Nike Dunk - why is there such hype for them?

Nike Dunk - why is there such hype for them?

It is safe to say that the Dunk model from Nike has become one of the most desirable and best-selling models from Nike 2020/23.

Today we decided to take a closer look at what's behind such a huge jump in the popularity of the model and why they have become an iconic Nike brand.


The iconic silhouette is impossible to fake. 

The Dunk model first saw the light of day in 1985 and was created specifically for college basketball teams. The model itself was quickly appreciated by sneakerheads and even skaters, who contributed to the creation of the Nike Sb line. The Dunk Low's design itself is very versatile, combined with the old-school approach to design giving it an amazing effect. It's what makes the sneakers look great with any outfit and highlights it uniquely. 

Many releases and collaborations 

In almost 40 years of history, Nike has given many releases, colorways, and collaborations. Such culotte releases as Nike X Stussy and Nike X Travis Scott made the Dunkirks more and more an object of desire. And we can't forget about the huge portfolio of colorways, there's something for everyone. Whether it's the classic Dunk Low Black White or the offbeat Dunk Off-White

The 2020 year 

It was in this year that the model exploded and became very popular again. You can boldly say that this is one of the best if not the best period for Dunk. In a short period, this model was received by people outside the hermetic sneakerhead community, which gave it huge publicity. You can find these shoes with your favorite influencer, fashion blogger, or celebrity. It is also worth mentioning that it was in 2020 that Nike started releasing more and more releases, cult reissues, and Dunk collaborations.

Where to buy Nike Dunk?

Official releases on

Nike website - the official website of the manufacturer, you can try your luck there and buy the Dunk at retail price.

Footlocker - This is one of the largest sneaker retailers and also he offers a kind of dropoff where in a very short time virtually every release of the Dunk sells out very quickly

EKICKS - If you are looking for a certain authentic pair of your coveted Dunks, then EKICKS gives you access to every sold-out model of the Dunks. 


The Dunks have certainly earned their popularity and are sure to maintain it for a long time to come. But no wonder, the combination of an amazingly versatile body with an atypical old-school design couldn't make an impact. To this day, the Dunki from Nike has won the hearts of many sneaker and fashion lovers and is one of Nike's brand icons. 


CREDITS PHOTOS - Sotheby's,Miniramp, Solescollector & EKICKS 

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