The Nike Calm Slides are coming

Nike Calm Slides

Nike Calm Slides have finally lived up to their official confirmation of the release

The trend for Slip-on style flip-flops has been gaining momentum in recent latches, and Nike wants to make up for its lagging behind Adidas and the iconic Yeezy Slides. Especially since the summer peak season for this type of footwear is coming. In this EKICKS magazine article, you'll find out all the details, colorways, and release dates of the upcoming Nike Calm Slides


The Nike Calm Slides 

Nike Calm Slides

The whole shoe will be based on a solid body combined with 4 so far subdued colorways of white, black, beige, and dark blue. Nike has also taken care of the functionality and joy of everyday use, the whole is based on the latest Nike technology which will provide your foot with cushioning and stability. Their shape looks promising and has a good chance of climbing into this summer's trends, although competition in the form of Yeezy Slides is really big. One thing is for sure, they will play a major role in many summer outfits.

The release date is scheduled for 14.07.2023

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