The strangest and most interesting shoes of the week - Shrek Crocs

 Shrek Crocs

I guess we all know and have an affection for our beloved Scottish ogre from the marshes of Shrek. The people of Crocs are so fond of him that he is officially going to get Crocs signed with his character. It will be a great honor for him, considering the fact that every day he wears a worn vest, an old sweater with very suspicious-looking stains and a potato sack as shoes.

So without further ado, let's dive into Shrek Crocs together 

The Shrek Crocs 

Shrek Crocs

The model is really a great reversal of the Shrek statue itself and the whole thing falls into the unmistakable Shrek vibe. The dominant color here is green in the same smaymoi dcieu as Shrek's skin. The pose itself is also emphasized by the Jibbitz, which resembles an ogre's nose and ears.

The most striking feature of the crocs is the characteristic "sport" strap surrounded by brown fur, which imitates Shrek's casque. 

Shrek Crocs styling 

They are by far the best Crocs I have ever seen, but Shrek himself would proudly crank through his swamp in them.

When it comes to using them in your outfits, they will definitely be good as a complement and eye-catching accessory, because in them you definitely have no chance of passing through the city unnoticed.

And in the meantime, let yourself be carried away with the - MSCHF And Crocs Release Collaborative Big Boots

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