This week's most popular picks

This week's most popular picks

As far as the sneaker market is concerned, trends change practically from day to day. Every week new releases, models, or colors come out. Sometimes it's really hard to keep up with what's on right now when it comes to the world of limited sneakers. But with help comes EKICKS and its list of the most popular sneakers of the week. 

In our today's list, there is no shortage of such models as Jordans 4, Jordans 1 High, or new models from Adidas to New Balance


Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG UNC Toe 


This week's most popular picks

This fairly fresh colorway is based on the beloved blue hue and classic color blocking. The all-classic was based on a high leather upper and Air system for lightweight and comfortable everyday wear. - Buy here 

New Balance 9060 Sea Salt White

This week's most popular picks

Maybe the New Balance 9060 model is not particularly fresh, but still such colorways as Sea Salt White are among the most popular New Balance shoes on EKICKS. The main role here is played by the combination of subdued colors and the futuristic silhouette of the 9060 model from New Balance. - Buy here 


Adidas Campus 00S White Dark Green 

This week's most popular picks

The Campus 00s model itself has recently made a huge splash and with it the White Dark Green colorway, which is the best-selling of the Campus 00s colorway portfolio. The whole colorway is based on a combination of creamy shades with intensive dark green, which gives the whole release a unique atmosphere. - Buy here 

Dunk Low Pink Corduroy 

This week's most popular picks

This is one of the latest colorways of the Dunk Low from Nike in an unsmoothly muted pink shade. Thanks to their simplicity and unique shade, they have quickly become one of the most famous women's Dunks of the week. -Buy here 


Air Jordan 4 Seafoam 

This week's most popular picks

The refreshing colorway of the Jordan 4 Seafoam is still in its form and beats such models aj even by Military Black. These green-pistachio shades refresh any of your outfits and hope it's a unique look. - Buy here 

And that was it, dutifully let us know which pair from This week's most popular picks you liked the most.

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