A new revolutionary model from Nike? Nike Air Max Dn

A new revolutionary model from Nike? Nike Air Max Dn
As we know, Nike this year promised on more and more new and revolutionary models under the Swoosh sign. Although everyone loves new Dunks or Jordans, this year competing brands have introduced far more new and fresh models than Nike.

Nike has taken its promise to heart, as it has announced a brand new model, to be called the Nike Air Max Dn!

Although after the last souped-up Air Max Pulse released for the Air Max Day anniversary, here's something completely new and innovative. Even though very little is known about the Nike Air Max Dn, we can already feast our eyes on the leaked violations of the model.

The design falls in incredibly futuristic rhythms and stands out strongly from what we have seen in recent years. The biggest curiosity here is the innovative Air system, which would be used for the first time on Air Max models from Nike. Instead of a single Air panel here we can see a strip of four round capsules with classic Nike Air Max branding on one of the capsules.

So far, as I mentioned, nothing is known, so far we can only wait to see what revolution the brand-new DN technology from Nike will bring. Of course, we will inform you immediately if there is anything more leading up to the Nike Air Max Dn.

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