Adidas - what's on top now?

Adidas - what's on top now?

Adidas has distinguished itself over the last few years from the competition through its innovative approach and the creation of new or revived models. These include the Adidas Campus 00s, which give a completely new look to the 1980s silhouette, and on the other hand, the revival of the Adidas Samba.

In today's EKICKS article, we'll take you through the trends and news from the king of snkears straight from Germany - Adidas.

So without further ado, dive into the world of Adidas with us! 

Adidas Campus 00s 

Adidas - what's on top now?

If we can talk about revelations in the world of snewakers in 2023, then the Campus 00s model is perhaps the most outstanding example.

The shoe is based on the legendary Campus model from Adidas in the 80s, with a completely refreshed and enlarged silhouette and dozens of different colorways. The Campus 00s are slowly becoming more and more popular than the Adidas Samba, and no wonder, especially when looking at current trends. The shape itself is reminiscent of old-school skate shoes with a touch of futuristic.

At EKICKS you'll find them in the most popluarnijh and latest colorways in particular we recommend the best-selling Adidas Campus 00S White Dark Green.

Adidas Samba 

Adidas - what's on top now?

We have already discussed the history of the model itself and its peak popularity many times. Their history began as early as 1949 ! As we can see from the pitch they moved straight to the streets and became iconic fashion sneakers in 2022/2023. It is by far the most popular model from Adidas and is even starting to surpass the Dunk Low Panda from Nike.

If you are looking for your own pair of Adidas Samba you will find here some more popular colorways, such as Adidas Samba OG Cloud White Black Gum or more refreshing Adidas Samba OG White Green. 

Adidas Gazelle 

Adidas - what's on top now?

The Gazelle model is based on a tastelessly old-school shape modeled after the 1960 Adidas Rom legend silhouette created specifically for the Olympic Games. Today, the Adidas Gazelle model captures the hearts of sneakerheads, fashion influencers and lovers. It's simple but preserved with a "fancy look" silhouette sets it firmly apart from other models from Adidas. Jet is one of those silhouettes that won't wear out ihd additionally they even got their collaboration with fashion house GUCCI.

Adidas x Yeezy models

Adidas - what's on top now?

Well, you can't beat it, even though their era is coming to an end, they are still by far the best-selling shoes produced by Adidas. The whole line includes not only shoe models such as Yeezy 350 but also Yeezy Slides.

The entire line stands out strongly with its often space-age silhouettes and Adidas technologies such as BOOSt, which provide comfort and looks - not from this world. Kanye West himself also contributed to their popularity, and he could say that he killed their production and broke off cooperation with Adidas.

And that was our entire review of the average models from Adidas at the moment, the only thing that remains for us is to wait for what the German sneaker superpower is preparing for us.

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