Air Jordan 1 Mid "White/Black" Definition of versatility


The Air Jordan 1 Mid model was initially not very warmly received by sneakerheads, but in the meantime, they are experiencing the highest peak of their popularity. Nike sees it well and presents us with newer and better editions of this unique silhouette.

As we well know, the leading trend in fashion is minimalism with a dose of futuristic style. The Jordan 1 Mid silhouette tries to keep up with this, and after the recent Air Jordan 1 Mid Tan Black they have announced the incredibly versatile Air Jordan 1 Mid "White/Black"

The whole design is based on the already unisex silhouette of the Air Jordan 1 Mid model in combination with muted shades of white and black. As for the predominance of colors, here we nod to the white, which covers the entire leather upper. But don't worry, the black is also here, blended with the Nike Swoosh logo, collar, and Jordan Brand branding. By far the best job here is done by the subtle black details, which give the pair an exquisite look.

Air Jordan 1 Mid "White/Black"
Air Jordan 1 Mid "White/Black"

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