Air Jordan 4 Seafoam - a closer look by team EKICKS

Air Jordan 4 Seafoam - a closer look by team EKICKS
2023 promises to be an exciting year. Nike is already spoiling us with rest and releasing a refreshing colorway of the Jordan 4. The Jordan 4 seafoam is a combination of the legendary silhouette of the Jordan 4 model and refreshing pistachio shades. 


But one can't be surprised that they have gained pop popularity in such a short time. The combination of the mini light and the iconic silhouette of the models could not have yielded any other results. Thanks to these factors shoes will find a place in every outfit. And the green details additionally emphasize the beauty of each style. 


Nike also did not disappoint when it came to workmanship. The entire upper is made of smooth white leather, mesh, and TPU inserts in a green shade. 


The shoes are also a great alternative to the Jordans 4 Military Black. Especially if you're bored with the popular yet beloved white/black shade scheme.


In our opinion, this is by far the best colorway of the Jordans 4 currently. The perfect tipping of greens and whites does a tremendous job here. And especially the green does the job here, we missed it in the Jordans 4. 


Below we post galleries of our original EKICKS photos

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