Bad Bunny x adidas Campus "Brown Chalk" hit among sneakerheads will return in 2024!

Bad Bunny x adidas Campus "Brown Chalk" hit among sneakerheads will return in 2024!
Adidas is giving a shove to its competition in the form of the record-breaking Adidas Campus model. After the recent Adidas Campus Bad Bunny Brown, the German giant is not slowing down, and together with the artist they announce - Bad Bunny x adidas Campus "Brown Chalk".

As we have known for a long time Bad Bunny is famous not only for his amazing music and clothing style but also his approach to proejecting. This new collaboration is meant to combine the iconic body of the Adidas Campus model with a unique artistic touch.

Bad Bunny x adidas Campus "Brown Chalk" will be based on a combination of quality leather and suede, complementing the design. The leather panels have been saturated with a white shade, while the suede panels have been dipped in a dark brown, giving the shoe a sophisticated look.

There are also personal touches of the artist in the form of Bad Bunny "el ojo" logo, which contrasts perfectly with the brown shade. The beige trim can be found on the heels and the palstik eyelets are located on the tongue of both shoes.

The Bad Bunny x Adidas Campus "Brown Chalk" is set to conquer the sneaker world in 2024 at Adidas online stores, select retailers as well as in-store. They will be available in both men's and women's sizes, which is great news.

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