Best summer sneakers picks

Best summer sneakers picks

It is safe to say that the unique summer climate has already visited us. It is one of the best periods to buy new fresh kicks and refresh your closet. On this occasion, we decided to show you the hottest picks for this year's summer. 

1. Yeezy Slides 

Has been a hit of this wonderful period for a nice few years now. But there is nothing to be surprised by the combination of the model's classic shape and the incredible comfort provided by the extruded EVA foam. It is these factors that have given the Yeezy Slides such great recognition among fashion lovers, sneakerheads, and celebrities.

Since the first release of this model a lot of different colorways have come out, so there is plenty to choose from. I can recommend Yeezy Slides Onyx and Azure colorways, which are by far the most popular.


2. New Balance 530 

The massive yet airy silhouette of the New Balance 530 is sure to make for a daily sneaker for summer days. Thanks to the New Balance system, these sneakers will provide you with top-level comfort, so your long summer walks will be fresh and light. And of course, you shouldn't forget about the iconic 80s silhouette, which is the most decent shoe of the time. It is a kind of combination of a vintage silhouette with a stylish stonewashed look that will complement any of your outfits.

If you are looking for unique and versatile sneakers for everyday use, New Balance 530 will be a great shot. 



3. the Nike Dunk Low 

This is one of the better choices for this annual summer. Their classic immortal silhouette combined with simplicity and lightweight construction makes it one of the most dressed-up models in Nike's portfolio. Their construction as well as their retro spirit will complement any of your summer styling.

You can find them at EKICKS in a variety of cool colors with a summer vibe, such as Dunk Low Peach Cream or Dunk Low Reverse Panda



4. Adidas Samba 

Initially created to protect football players' feet from WET in 1949, today they are one of the biggest fashion shouts of 2023. Their unconventional yet subdued silhouette has found many admirers among fashion lovers.

The whole is based on high-quality leather upper and the model's delicate body. Adidas Samba has caught the biggest boost of popularity in recent times, and this is all due to the recurring trend for this type of sneakers. You can spot them on the feet of such celebrities as Kendal Jenner or your favorite niche fashion influencer.

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