Fragment design - brand history

Fragment design - brand history

Fragment Design is a brand that has been surprising for years with its innovative and unusual approach to running a brand itself. The Japanese designer has been so successful in the fashion market and beyond. Today at EKICKS magazine we decided to bring you the most interesting facts about this amazing project.

The brand itself has a unique but uniquely understandable approach. They want to create unique and distinctive designs, and at the same time, they want them to be functional. This beautiful and simple approach is still seen today in many collaborations.

Founder Hiroshi Fujiwara is one of the icons of the streetwear world and beyond. Born in 1964, the Japanese are a designer and a passionate musicians. He has always had a different approach to the whole world of fashion and wanted to innovate. He has released 10 albums signed with his name and created a guitar for Eric Clapton himself. This was the foundation of the entire Fragment Design brand - a nitpicking event and vision. 



Fragment Design has collaborated with brands such as Maserati, Louis Vuitton, Nike & Jordan Brand, TAG Heuer Carrera, and even Pokemon. The brand bases its marketing mainly on collaborations. 


Maseratti X Fragment Design 

This is by far the strongest collaboration, after all, it's about a luxury car. the whole thing was based on two models of the Maserati Ghibli sedan, the Operanera, and the Ghibli Operabianca. The whole thing was encapsulated in a Japanese "Itanji" atmosphere, which means non-conformist.

Each model was equipped with 20-inch wheels and matte black details. Branding Framet design can be seen on the grill and left fender. A dark interior completes the entire design and restrains it in the appropriate client.

Only 175 cars have been produced and prices on the market start at 100 thousand euros. - here



Fragment design is a huge part of the whole streetwear culture and fashion world. His designs are valued by every streetwear lover and are an object of desire.

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