How crocs in recent times is becoming more and more popular and desirable.

How crocs in recent times is becoming more and more popular and desirable.

Although the brand Crocs, which has always been considered as the one shrouded in good quality and incredible comfort for your feet, has never been associated with anything particularly desirable. But the years 2023-2024 have shown us that a brand making simple appearance sneakers can enter the world of fashion and sneakers with a bang!

Crocs already in 2019 collaborated with the Portuguese giant Balenciaga and it was one of the first startable collaborations of our head hero. In 2022, the collaboration was repeated but didn't get as much of an echo. The brand, seeing the good potential, started more and more collaborations with interesting designers or even film productions! 


Crocs x Cars 

One of the most decent collaborations of the brand at the moment is Crocs x Cars. It discusses the two main characters, namely the beloved Mater and Lightning Mcqueen himself. Not one native sneakerhead simply impregnated to have on his feet fast red Crocs with Mcqueen's instep or Mater's out-stanidg. As a curiosity we can add that at EKICKS at one time more Cars x Classic Clog "Lightning McQueen" were sold than Jordans 1 High. 


Crocs x DreamWorks Shrek

Not to be overlooked is an explosive collaboration between Crocs and the iconic giant ogre, the Crocs Classic Clog DreamWorks Shrek. The collab with DreamWorks is definitely one of the sandal brand's best moves, as they popped up within seconds on the official Crocs website.


Crocs x Mcdonald 

This collab with the king of unhealthy grub was not to be missed. The Crocs Mcdonald series has been received unbelievably warmly and has presented the company's most iconic golden arches mascots. By far the most well received were Crocs x McDonalds Grimace przesatwaijce jdnaz najbrdziej memorable posatci purple wileki potowra from Happy Meal! 



For now, we're still waiting for other limited-edition collaborations such as SpongeBob SquarePants x Crocs. In the meantime, it looks like Crocs will sign up for a whole new chichi in visible streetwear brands.

As you're already here, a review of this collaboration will surely catch your eye - Spongebob is once again out on dry land but this time in SpongeBob SquarePants x Crocs.

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