How to distinguish Jordan fakes from originals?

How to distinguish Jordan fakes from originals?

Jordan Brand shoes have always been an object of demand, but in recent times they have experienced the greatest increase in popularity in their history. Because of this, unfortunately, the market for fake Jordans has grown significantly. Scammers take advantage of this and target unsuspecting people. That's why we've decided to cover this topic in EKICKS magazine and provide you with the tax cons so you don't get scammed.

How to prevent the purchase of fakes?

At the very beginning, we should check the seller. It is worth noting whether the store offers "Guarantees of Authenticity" on the products sold. Check reviews of theproducts company on portals such as Trustpilot or forums like Quora or Reddit.

It is worth noting the aspects that first raise doubts. If you see that a particular store sells limited edition Jordans at a very low price and in full size, you can be sure that it is a scam.

Fake Jordans are seen more and more often on popular auction sites. Most often they sell crude fakes or do not send the products you bought. In such a situation you are usually unable to recover your money.

Remember to always buy only from reliable sources with a large number of reviews. If you decide to buy from a third party, always ask to see proof of purchase from the seller. It is always a good idea to meet the seller and see the pair before you pay

What to look out for

At the very beginning, it is worth to get acquainted with the LEGIT CHECK.
This term is used by a group of people involved in checking the authenticity of limited edition items, such as Jordans.

1. manufacturing quality

Genuine Jordans are made of good quality materials and have special technologies to aid comfort. Nike and the Jordan Brand team always test the product for quality before release. Hence it is rare that an authentic product has any defects or inferior quality.

Fake Jordans, even the best ones, often have several manufacturing defects, loose seams, poor-quality materials, and completely different technologies. So first of all always look at the whole shoe itself 


 2. smell

Original Jordans have their characteristic smell. Fakes smell completely different from the original Jordans. If you already own some pairs of Jordans then you can make a comparison.

3. the Nike "Swoosh" logo

Most often in replicas the Nike logo is placed in the wrong way. Always pay attention to whether it is positioned too upward or downward.

Also in replicas often the tip of the logo is badly corrupted:

It has too rounded a shape

Too protruding

It is too pointed.

Photos for comparison:


4. logo on the tongue 

The first thing we should pay attention to when checking the logo on the tongue is the Nike trademark. The brand always uses a double trademark in a circle. Replicas often do not have any trademark or only one.

Embroidering plays an important role here. It should not be too thick or too thin. There should also be no strange threads or bulges.

Finally, pay attention to the letters of the Nike logo. Often in replicas, after a closer look, we can see that the letters are too large for others.

Photos for comparison:

5. rear shape of the shoe:

The key element in the whole shoe shape when it comes to determining whether a pair is authentic is the back of the shoe. Jordan sneakers have a charismatic shape of the back panel in the form of an "hourglass", which means that it should be thicker at the top and bottom and slender in the middle. Replicas most often have poorly maintained proportions and an ugly enlarged heel.

Another detail is the cap located in the middle of the shoe. It should be overshadowed by two lines of stitching, which are located directly above each other.

Photos for comparison:

6. box

The box of the original Jordans is well-made and should not contain any labels with unusual markings. It is also advisable to check whether the label on the side of the box matches the one on the shoe's tag.

It is also advisable to check the comparison photos of the box for a given release on the Internet. 

Photos for comparison:

It is also important to remember that all the above examples and comparisons are only sub-satires. Counterfeiters are becoming more and more exemplary and it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish an original from a replica.

Also worth asking for help from a specialist. We can find them through various Facebook groups, such as The Basement. On Youtube we can find many videos comparing replicas to originals of various popular releases of Jordans.

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